We are business psychologists who design world-class people assessments.

We draw upon a wide network of full-time and associate consultants in order to find the perfect consultant for your project. Our experience in assessment design ranges from:

  • CEO’s to Head Chefs
  • Sales Consultants to Soldiers
  • IT Apprentices to Head Teachers
  • Banking Graduates to Tax Inspectors

Sten 10 are world-class experts in helping organisations gain this insight. Founded in 2012 in London, UK; we are committed to achieving the perfect blend of scientific rigour and commercial pragmatism to create people assessment solutions that match your needs.

Meet some core members of our team
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Ben-WilliamsBen Williams –
AFBPsS, CPsychol, MA (Oxon), MSc




Ben is passionate about applying innovation to assessment design. Previously operating at a senior level in four other major occupational psychology consultancies, he founded Sten 10 after a successful career as a freelance psychologist in order to blend his love for assessment design, technology and branding under one roof.

The type of work Ben has delivered includes:

  • An array of ‘Day in the Life’ development centres for global marketing professionals, ranging from graduate to senior level.
  • Bespoke assessment centres for professional service firms’ graduate and experienced hires.
  • A competency framework, role profile and assessment process for the Head of Finance of a fashion brand.
  • Multiple parallel versions of a psychometric tool for analyst roles.
  • Project managing the creation of over 1,500 psychometric test items for the websites www.careergym.com and www.eutraining.eu

Sara Asady –
MSc, BSc




Sara is a Business Psychologist with a background in assessment development and analysing ‘big data’ to help organisations make better decisions. She has worked on a number of projects including custom competency builds, process training and the identification of organisation’s future leaders. She has presented at multiple conferences globally and has a real passion for data-driven solutions that provide tangible outcomes for clients.

Some sample projects include:

  • Designing custom competency frameworks with a view towards clients’ future needs
  • Creating and validating client reports for new product solutions
  • Managing large feasibility projects aimed at demonstrating the value of assessment solutions
  • Facilitating and assessing assessment centres for recruitment, including initial candidate selection and competency interviews
  • Organising, designing and conducting training sessions
  • MSc Dissertation: “How perceptions of fit between actual and ideal organisational identity influence employees’ emotional and behavioural responses towards an organisational change”


Megan Byrt –




Megan is a Business Psychologist with a wide breadth of experience in designing psychometrics, and training and development across the government, consultancy, military, rail, retail and arts sectors.

Sample projects include:

  • Designed a suite of e-tray assessments and abstract reasoning items to support individuals applying for positions in the European Union
  • Designed, facilitated and assessed assessment centres including competency based interviews, role-play assessments, and group exercises
  • Designed graduate recruitment exercises for a multinational, FTSE 100 organisation
  • MSc Dissertation: “Exploring the Relationship between People and their Physical Workspace”: This investigated how people perceive aspects such as lighting and air quality and also how people interact socially at work.
  • Designed and delivered a training course in Human Factors, enabling others to understand the value of non-technical skills to improve safety at work in military and rail
  • Part of the team that designed the first ever standardised training course for train drivers for the Rail Safety Standards Board
  • Part of the team that redesigned a 13 month training course for a senior engineering position in the military

Emma Rees





Emma specialises in the area of assessment based talent management and brings significant global HR and Talent experience from Commercial and Talent Management roles at P&G, Diageo and Tate & Lyle. Over the course of her career Emma has supported teams through significant transitions, leading the talent agenda for a number of global and national change programmes as well as introduced standards, tools and processes to enhance recruitment, development and engagement in multiple markets across Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

Some examples of assessment design projects include:

  • The development of two learning centres to support the introduction of the UK’s first Children’s Services Trust
  • Designing a Situational Judgement Test to identify in and out-bound call centre staff
  • Co-designing four on-line assessment centres for the recruitment of Government and Commercial talent in Australia
  • Design of a psychometric assessment tool to measure Audience Inspiration
  • The development of a self assessment career planning tool for a Fortune 500 business

Anthony-GardenerAnthony Gardner –
AFBPsS CPsychol CSci MSc BSc BEng




Anthony has built an enviable reputation as a designer of highly original, bespoke assessment and development solutions. He previously worked at a psychological consulting firm for 5 years before setting up his own occupational psychology business in 2005. Since then he has acted as an associate consultant to several major consultancies as well as working for his own clients.

Some sample assessment design projects include:

  • Design of integrated exercise suites at multiple business levels for a leading health and beauty retailer.
  • Design of multiple parallel versions of role-plays, analysis presentations and business case studies at various levels and in several parts of the business for a major mobile phone network operator.
  • Design of bespoke role-plays, group exercises, analysis presentations, in-tray exercises and e-tray exercises for a variety of public and private sector organisations.
  • Creation of over 500 verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions for test practice websites.
  • Creation of several specialist knowledge and skills tests.
  • Creation of best practice guidelines for creating verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning and decision analysis tests.
  • Design of Situational Judgement Tests for a telecoms company.


Claire Crisp –
MSc, BSc




Claire is a chartered psychologist with extensive experience in the field of assessment for both selection and development. Claire has undertaken roles in a number of major occupational consultancy firms and most recently was part of the senior management team within a major resourcing organisation. Claire’s work blends strong technical expertise with a practical approach that delivers a high quality of service.

Sample projects include:

  • Design and implementation of a levelled job family competency model for AMEC
  • Design and validation of a bespoke Situational Judgement Test for E.ON
  • Creation and delivery of a strengths-based team building event for MLA
  • Design of five day in the life graduate assessment centres for Merrill Lynch
  • Lead assessor for Senior Civil Service Development Centres including post centre coaching

Ellen BardEllen Bard –
BSc MSc CPsychol




Ellen is an experienced Occupational Psychologist, working as a Qualitative Researcher as well as for two leading occupational psychology companies. She was Head of People Capability at SHL and has worked with many FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies in the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and South East Asia.  Ellen has particular experience in large-scale project management, and is Prince2 qualified.

Key projects have involved:

  • Design of a suite of assessment tools for a pan-European financial services company
  • Creation of a suite of values-based Situational Judgment Questionnaires for a leading retailer
  • Design of Realistic Job Previews for a magic circle law firm
  • Project Management of a complex revision of a volume e-recruitment process (including killer questions and a variety of online tests)
  • Design of a day-in-the-life suite, with parallel forms, for a drinks manufacturer
  • Creation of a suite of bespoke personality report outputs for a call centre
  • Design and delivery of a large number of group based assessment events, including assessment for redundancy and redeployment.

Helen-WilliamsHelen Williams –
CPsychol MSc BSc Dip Coach




Helen is an experienced occupational and coaching psychologist. She has over ten years’ commercial experience with SHL (UK) where she was Practice Leader for Management Development. Helen’s particular passions are for the design of leadership development interventions and delivery of one to one coaching. Helen co-developed the CLARITY, SOLUTION and FOCUS coaching models with Professor Stephen Palmer and Bill O’Connell, and has co-authored several articles, chapters and books on assessment, development and coaching at work

Some sample assessment design projects include:

  • Assessment design, delivery and project management for Bard Regional Sales Manager roles
  • Job analysis and organisational competency framework design for Metronet Rail
  • Facilitation of negotiation skills training for Tesco
  • Management and delivery of talent assessments and feedback for senior leaders within South West Trains
  • Design, delivery and project management of European graduate and International leadership development programmes for Wolseley
  • Design of a senior leadership development program for Holidaybreak
  • Individual coaching for senior leaders in financial, marketing and sales roles

Jan-de-JongeJan de Jonge –





A business psychologist with 15 years’ experience, Jan previously worked at leading psychological consulting firms in The Netherlands and the UK. Jan’s core areas of focus are assessment, development and organisational development; areas which he has specialised in after extensive experience with both large corporate and SME’s.

Some sample projects Jan has worked on include:

  • Design of a Situational Judgement Test for the Research Council.
  • HRM analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of talent recruitment policy and implementation for KPMG at national level.
  • Design and delivery of individual and group-based assessment and development centres, for roles varying from senior management level to graduate trainees. Clients include Sony, KLM, and Colgate.
  • Performance management and staff engagement consultancy work.
  • Career management and management succession projects for individual clients.
  • Training of HR professionals from a large and varied number of client companies in managing talent and the use of psychometric tools.

Joy-PalferyJoy Palfery –




Joy brings over 16 years’ experience in the field of assessment to her work improving the fit between people and work. Having worked as a consultant across public, private and not-for-profit sectors, she combines technical excellence in Business Psychology with a pragmatic, outcome-based focus. She is particularly known as an expert in assessment/development centre design.

Some sample assessment design projects include:

  • Day-in-the-life assessment centre for international middle managers at Borealis.
  • Assessment centre exercises for Business Analysts at Lloyds Register.
  • Interview guides for 4 organisational levels for Allianz.
  • Self-assessment tool with development workbook for Sales staff at Barclaycard.
  • Assessment centres for 11 Senior Manager roles in a government agency.
  • Global assessment toolkit for IMI, comprising interviews and case-study with bolt-on options for 5 functions.
  • Role-play and case study presentation for senior leadership potential in Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Justin-McNamaraJustin McNamara –




Justin has trained as an Occupational Psychologist and since 2001, has had the pleasure to work with businesses to improve the performance of their people in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Clients enjoy his blend of technical expertise with a practical business focus.

Some sample assessment design projects include:

  • An array of ‘Day in the Life’ development centres for global marketing professionals, ranging from graduate to seniorlevel.
  • Bespoke assessment centres for professional service firms’ graduate and experienced hires.
  • A competency framework, role profile and assessment process for the Head of Finance of a fashion brand.
  • Multiple parallel versions of a psychometric tool for analyst roles.
  • Project managing the creation of over 1,500 psychometric test items for the websites www.careergym.com and www.eutraining.eu

Kerry-JonesKerry Jones –
CPsychol MSc




Kerry has extensive experience in the design and delivery of fit for purpose, engaging assessment tools. During her career as an Occupational Psychologist Kerry has held psychological consultancy roles, and has also worked in-house in both private and public sector organisations.

Some sample assessment design projects include:

  • Design of assessment processes to select highest calibre graduates for Central Government roles
  • Competency framework and design of assessment processes for over 40 roles at Grampian Country Foods, with an aim of achieving culture change at a new site.
  • Design and delivery of leadership development centres for Thistle Hotels
  • Competency framework for leadership assessment and development at BSkyB
  • Design of a Day in the Life Assessment Centre for Diageo
  • Design and Delivery of Assessor Skills Training for Unilever
  • Design and delivery of team development workshops using MBTI and 360 at BSkyB

Laura KLaura Kilduff –
AFBPsS CPsychol MSc BSc(Hons)




Laura is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with a wealth of experience working alongside public and private sector clients to deliver tailored assessment solutions.  Since establishing herself as a Registered Psychologist, Laura has designed, managed and delivered assessment and development projects for a range of different organisations, most recently for Direct Line Group (formerly RBS Insurance) where, as their in-house Selection and Assessment Manager, she redesigned and launched new assessment processes across the business.

Sample projects include:

  • Design of a suite of assessment tools for head office roles of a large UK-based retailer, including group exercises, role plays, case studies and in-trays
  • Design of a values-based Assessment and Interview Toolkit for the recruitment of call centre staff, specialists and graduates for a leading insurer
  • Development of Situational Judgment Questionnaires for a leading provider of employment and training services
  • Creation of an online values-based Realistic Job Preview tool
  • Individual assessment and profiling of Senior Executives in Australia, Mexico and South America for a global music industry organisation
  • Observer/Coach at a number of Development Centres for high potential leaders



Mark Hopkins –
Msc, Bsc




Mark has 15 years’ experience of performance & talent management and assessment design and delivery at all levels across a variety of sectors. He has held numerous in-house roles including Senior Organisational Psychologist at the BBC and RBS as well as Head of Resourcing and Talent at Heathrow Airport amongst others. He has been the Programme Manager of a work-stream to scope, design, trial and validate a group-wide centralised Resourcing & Assessment platform to assess over 300,000 candidates a year across 7 job clusters. The personality questionnaire Mark designed as part of this process was nominated for Best Retention & Innovation Award at the Personnel Today Awards and the programme won the HR Excel Award for best Recruitment and Retention.

Sample projects include

  • Working in China with the Bank of China on their Leadership Competency Framework and lecturing at Nankai University on assessment as well as designing and delivering assessments for BBC Worldwide in the US.
  • Conducting in-depth psychological profiling and development of middle and senior managers as well as directors across a number of organisations and sectors, using psychological interviews and psychometric instruments to establish key strengths and capabilities, areas for development as well as potential and ‘best fit’ within the organisation or particular roles.
  • Designed profiling methodologies to specifically assess capability within senior management and director populations.
  • Worked with Executive teams to create the performance and talent picture for the organisation and lead the performance and talent management approach, working at ExCo level to present and shape the talent pipeline.
  • Designed large-scale recruitment and selection processes across a range of businesses and sectors from customer facing roles through to graduate recruitment and high-potential talent pools.

Nicola-TathamNicola Tatham –
AFBPsS CPsychol MSc




Nicola has been designing assessments since 1996, working as both an in-house and a consulting psychologist across a variety of sectors including the Royal Air Force and the Home Office. Her skills lie in being able to unpack and understand what is required of any new assessment using a combination of analytical and people skills and turning these requirements into a pragmatic, psychometrically sound yet innovative solution.

Some sample assessment design projects include:

  • Rewriting the Police Initial Recruitment Test to reduce adverse impact.
  • Designing a variety of ability tests (verbal, numerical, memory, spatial) for ground trades recruitment (Royal Air Force).
  • Co-designing a global competency model for a leading test publisher including associated interview questions.
  • Designing situational judgment tests for Marks and Spencer
  • Writing verbal and numerical items for item bank aimed at supervisory/blue collar roles and for graduate/managerial level roles.
  • Designing 360 items for generic multi-rater tool published by major UK test publisher.
  • Designing reports and associated narrative for a variety of models of personality and competencies.

Phil Coan b+wPhillipa Coan –
BSc, MSc, PhD, CPsychol




Phillipa is a Chartered Psychologist who has built up extensive experience in the design and delivery of fit for purpose, psychometrically valid assessment and development tools for both private and public sector clients. Phillipa has worked across industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, engineering, academia, healthcare and financial services. Phillipa takes an evidence-based approach, blending the most recent research with practical, efficient solutions.

Some sample projects include:

  • Job analysis & competency framework design for a major bank across all roles from graduate level to senior management.
  • Design, facilitation and assessment of assessment centre exercises including situational judgement tests and group exercises.
  • Equalities impact analysis of high stakes medical recruitment process.
  • Evaluation of strategic leadership development programme.
  • Facilitation and assessment of workshops on Occupational Ability and Personality tests (using the NEO-PIR) for PwC and educational institutions.
  • Evaluation of high-stakes and volume recruitment processes, incorporating predictive and incremental validity reviews using psychometric tests and candidate reactions.
  • Design and delivery of developmental workshops on well-being and behaviour change.
  • Content design of emotional intelligence e-learning tool.


Rob Williams BWRob Williams –
C.Psychol AFBPsS




Rob is a Chartered Psychologist with almost 20 years’ experience designing and advising on all types of psychometric test.  He has worked for many leading global test publishers such as SHL, Kenexa IBM and OPP, and work has included designing assessments for clients within the financial services industry, call centres/customer services, retailers and the public sector.  His specialist knowledge is typically applied designing and developing bespoke tests to individual client needs.

Some samples projects include:

  • Design of role-specific assessments across British Airways, including verbal and numerical tests, personality and motivation questionnaires and situational judgment tests.
  • SJT design for Citibank, including job analysis across United States and Mexico, rolled out internationally and in multiple languages.
  • Project management and design of over twenty psychometric tests for the British Army.
  • Other design work includes developing bespoke tools for B&Q, Boots, Talent Gene, BUPA and the European Union.
  • Authorship of five books on psychometric tests including Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests and Brilliant Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests.
  • Register for the Certificate in Practical People Assessment with Sten10 and the ABP! For grads and practitioners goo.gl/gbIH27 2 years ago