Sometimes, for time or cost reasons, organisations choose to use fully trialled off-the-shelf assessments. Sten 10 is publisher-independent, which means we will scour the marketplace to find an off-the-shelf assessment that most closely matches your requirements. We will then create custom scoring guides that reflect your assessment criteria. With 100’s of exercises to choose from, you can be confident that we will find one that matches your needs.

A large recruitment advertising agency were looking to restructure their top three management tiers. We were asked to source senior-level exercises that reflected the challenges the firm was facing and to design the assessment criteria. We sourced closely matched in-tray and presentation simulations from A&DC, as well as personality and motivation questionnaires from SHL. Sten 10 then customised the rating forms and actually ran the full set of executive assessments to accompany the restructure process.

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