Executive Assessment

For some senior roles, a one-to-one assessment will be the most discreet and thorough means of gauging degree of fit to a role and its challenges. We either come to you, or use offices in central London to conduct an in-depth profile of senior executives in a professional manner that offers an enlightened view of that person’s capabilities and a clear recommendation on whether they are likely to perform in the role.

Our consultants assessed Senior Managers on-site at an Egyptian telecommunications firm over a two-week period. Off-the-shelf exercises were customised to take account of local culture and to ensure validity. After the assessments were conducted, we produced in-depth written reports and held development planning sessions with the managers themselves.

Assessment Centre Resourcing

Whether it is a one-off development centre for high-potentials, a series of graduate centres as part of the milkround or yearround recruitment for call-centre roles, we can provide expert trained assessors to meet your needs. We have consultants and role players based across the UK and can scale up or down depending upon your requirements.

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