We're Sten10

We help our clients achieve their people strategies and help employees lead successful, fulfilled careers

Bespoke From The Start

We don’t have our own off-the-shelf tests to sell to you. This means we are free to offer a genuinely objective view on the assessment marketplace and the products and services that are best for your needs.

We have great relationships with the large test publishers and often collaborate with them to design and deliver assessments.

We Are Niche

Human psychology and psychometric profiling are broad and rich subject areas, and we love ongoing development.

We don’t claim to do it all: this means our depth of knowledge is unparalleled. We stay abreast of all the latest people assessment news and can offer you insightful, balanced perspectives on trends such as game-based assessments and strengths-based approaches without being wedded to one particular approach.

It's Personal

You will get to speak directly to a qualified expert (not a sales person or account manager), who will be your guide and, hopefully, your trusted advisor in the world of people assessment.

We work with our clients and colleagues in a warm, supportive, co-operative manner and we listen in order to ensure we understand correctly. We build genuine connections. 

Our clients come back to us time and time again (last year, 50% of our work was repeat business from existing clients) – and we hope that once you’ve experienced our services, you will too!

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Meet The Team

Christine D’Silva

Christine D’Silva

Deep thinking and solution-generating genius.

Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Assessment knowledge guru and industry thought-leader.

Chris Herron

Chris Herron

Optimistic trouble-shooter and enthusiastic strategist.

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