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When we design a development intervention for you, we will spend time exploring your current situation and desired future state.  What issues are you aiming to solve and what will ‘good’ look like once the assessment process is live? 

We will also work with you to support the positioning of the intervention – what happens before and after is often just as important as what happens during the event.  How will your people be communicated with, what will their end-to-end experience be like, and how will they be supported to implement any changes needed? 

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Assessments for Development - Design Stage
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Guide: How to design your own behavioural assessment centre - Part 1: What are you going to assess?

In this guide, we look at what to evaluate as part of your behavioural assessment. This includes competencies and competency models as well as job analysis and how to conduct interviews.

Assessments for Development - Delivery Stage


Our team of expert consultants can deliver everything from intensive one-to-one assessment and coaching for executives, to group development programmes and team facilitation events. We combine the rigour of solid assessment methodologies to underpin our practice, with the skills to identify the key messages for each individual involved.

Interventions can be delivered in person, remotely or in a hybrid of the two.  Development assessments can be one-off standalone events or a modular programme covering several months.  Each process is bespoke to your organisation and your people. 


Never ones to outstay our welcome, we will support you to run events yourselves if desired.  We can deliver Train the Trainer programmes, facilitator accreditation processes and ongoing Quality Assurance and feedback reviews to enable your people to deliver effective development assessments in-house. 

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Assessments for Development - Training Stage
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“Other consultancies work in a way that there is a distinct barrier between client and supplier; with Sten10 I feel like I am working with colleagues. You made me feel you really care about my challenges and not just project fees.”