Bespoke Assessments for Recruitment

In complex roles high performers are an incredible 800% more productive than average performers.

The challenge is recruiting the very best.  That's where we come in.

Superior talent is up to eight times more productive


Before we design an assessment tailored to your company, we gather information and work with you to understand what qualities you're looking to measure in your candidates including the skills, characteristics and behaviours you need for your business and how best to identify them.

Once we have the context we need and a better understanding of what you want to measure, and why, we create the assessment tools themselves.

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Guide: How to design your own behavioural assessment - Part 1: What are you going to assess?

Download the guide to learn about competency model and frameworks, job analysis, hiring the right people through job analysis and interview data.



To deliver an effective assessment centre, we rely on a team of professional assessors, matching the best assessor to your project based on skills, experience and location.

With a nationwide reach, we can minimise travel time and expense, or we can provide off-site support. We administer and score exercises remotely for worldwide projects, such as telephone or video role plays, electronic inbox exercises, case studies and fully virtual centres.

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Virtual Assessment Centres Checklist

In order to deliver the best development assessments, we’ve put together a checklist that outlines the common challenges in moving to online assess centres. To download the free checklist, click the link below.


Our high-quality training can ensure that your recruitment assessments are manageable and sustainable.

Our range of training courses are designed to allow you to become self-sufficient in all aspects of assessing people at work. This can include:

  1. Competency Test Design and Job Analysis
  2. Psychometric Test and Questionnaire Design
  3. Assessment Centre Exercise Design
  4. Interview Skills Training
  5. Assessor Skills
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Introduction to Development Centres

Are you interested in setting up a 'best in class' development centre? We've created a guide that looks closely at how to accelerate your top talent and create future leads. To download the guide, click the link below. 

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Speak To a Recruitment Assessment Expert

Book an introductory call with a qualified business psychologist to discuss your assessment goals.

Our Clients Include:

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“The team were really flexible in delivery, working with a challenging client and high pressured/contentious area of work. The team produced high quality work to tight timescales. ”