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Training Courses

Our range of training courses are designed to allow you to become self-sufficient in all aspects of assessing people at work. 

These courses can be run in any format – ranging from light-touch 1-2 hour webinars to face-to-face sessions with lots of opportunity for practice and feedback across half a day or up to two days.

We can run these at your own premises or we have training venues across the country and can cater for all group sizes from 1-2-1 upwards.



Types of Training

Interview Skills Training

The most common form of psychological assessment is also that which is most open to unconscious bias and generally shoddy practice.

We will walk you through how to design and conduct a powerful, insightful interview that covers competencies, motivation, strengths and technical knowledge in a way that will set the candidate at ease and give you the information you need to make a decision.

Assessor Skills

Help your people learn about the ORCE (Observe, Record, Classify, Evaluate) methodology for fair and objective Assessment Centre observation.

They can practice assessing group exercises, in-trays, role plays and presentations whilst benchmarking your judgement as an assessor against others in the group. We also cover the identification and management of unconscious bias in assessment decisions.

Competency Test Design and Job Analysis

What does it take to succeed in a job? We can train you in the main job analysis techniques, including critical incident interviews, repertory grids, visionary interviews, card sorts, surveys and observations.

We will then enable you to make sense of this behavioural information and pull it together into a usable competency framework or job description. Without this step, the rest of your assessment process is on shaky ground.

Psychometric Test and Questionnaire Design

Do you like the idea of creating your own tests but are put off by what might be involved? Let us walk you through the process of creating, piloting, norming and validating your own tests and how you can judge whether they are fair.

We will create the course to suit you, but typically this can include ability tests, personality or motivation questionnaires, 360 surveys and situational judgement tests.

Assessment Centre Exercise Design

Why not take the expertise in-house develop and maintain your own suite of assessment centre exercises?

Whether it be a role play, group exercise or written case study; we have a standardised way of planning and executing the design of these powerful forms of behavioural assessment.

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