What is Psychometric Profiling?

July 23, 2019

Psychometric profiling, is a way of measuring a person’s personality, reasoning skills and behavioural style using a structured, objective, data-driven approach. Also referred to as ‘psychometric assessment’, the primary function of psychometric profiling is to measure a candidate’s suitability for a job/role based on the required psychological characteristics to do well in the role. The information collected from the psychometric profiling, is then used to identify hidden aspects of a candidate’s suitability which are difficult to identify from a standard discussion or interview.

What benefits does psychometric profiling provide to businesses?

The main benefit of psychometric profiling for a company is, that it gives a consistent and insightful way to understand and compare candidates during the assessment stage of a selection, promotion or development process. It goes beyond just seeing whether someone has gained the right experience or qualifications and gives insight into someone’s underlying working style: for example, are they passionate or reserved; a risk-taker or cautious; shy or outgoing? Psychometric profiling has been shown, through validity studies, to predict not only quality of future performance, but also things like speed of promotion, tenure in role and customer satisfaction.

Would you like a bespoke psychometric assessment designed?

We design bespoke psychometric assessments based on your company’s needs. We don't service hundreds of clients, so for each of our client relationships, it's personal. You will get to speak directly to a qualified expert, who will be your guide and, hopefully, your trusted advisor in the world of people assessment. Human psychology and psychometric profiling are broad and rich subject areas and at Sten10 we love talking about all aspects of it: do give us a call or drop us an email.

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Ben Williams

Assessment knowledge guru and industry thought-leader.