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What is a Situational Judgement Test?

Situational Judgement Tests, also known as SJT’s, are psychological tests which are used to give the test taker realistic scenarios and then, ask them to identify the most appropriate response or rank responses in the most effective order for the given situation.

These type of psychological aptitude test are very helpful in assessing how people would respond in certain work related situations and seeing how they would solve problems using a hypothetical challenging situation. These hypothetical situations are based on real problems that the individual or group may face at some point in their work environment.

SJTs are particularly helpful for employers to understand if an individual is aligned to the values and behaviours of the company. This means that different companies will be looking for different competencies in the person they are assessing and a ‘one size fits all’ test is not appropriate for situational judgement test design.

The nature of SJTs design means, it is not something that can be practiced to improve performance unlike other types of psychometric assessments. Also, the response to a situation that maybe appropriate in one company maybe totally inappropriate in another one.

How are Situational Judgement Tests Designed?

SJTs are designed by taking data from the specific company. First you need to decide what qualities you want to measure in people.

Next, you have to decide why you are assessing people?

  • Are you wanting to sift out unsuitable applicants from a large pool of people?
  • Is it to improve a persons job performance?
  • Are you wanting to distinguish between performance and potential?

It could be for any of these reasons or other ones not mentioned here. A a top quality assessment company will be able to guide you and advise you if, SJTs are what you are looking for or if something like ability tests or questionnaires would be more appropriate.

Would you like a bespoke SJT designing?

At Sten10, we design bespoke SJTs based on your companies needs. We walk you through the whole process of process of creating, piloting, norming and validating your own tests and how you can judge whether they are fair.

You decide which characteristics, skills and behaviours you require for your business and the best ways of identifying them.

You can find more information on our situational judgement tests and the other types of ability tests we design by visiting our assessment centre design page.

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