Expert Tips for Better Job Posts

June 27, 2019

The most common approach organisations take when creating a job post is to focus on the key skills and requirements of the role. However expert advice from LinkedIn explains how it is important to move beyond a simple list of bullet points and focus on what it really means to be successful in the role. This can often be successfully achieved through in-depth job analysis, resulting in a fuller understanding of a role’s day-to-day activities.

With job analysis completed, recruiters may then choose to focus their candidate assessment process on behavioural competencies linked to the behaviours previously identified, by creating a competency profile and performing competency based interviews. Other talent assessment approaches that may be used at this stage include strengths assessment, which would instead form part of a strengths recruiting process.

The focus on understanding activities and behaviours extends to the article’s advice on structuring a job post; it highlights the advantages of placing ‘soft skills’ at the forefront, to forge a connection with candidates as early as possible. This, combined with tailoring word choice based on the real reasons for someone applying for the role, has been shown to result in increased quantity of applicants and quality of hire.

Ellen Holmes

Guardian of quality standards and continuous improvement.