Assess drive to do a job rather than drive to get a job

June 13, 2019

There is no denying that it is important to hire people who have the ability to do a job, which is why this is usually the focus of a company’s selection process. However, to ensure that people perform well in a role, and stay in the business, motivation cannot be forgotten – after all, just because someone can do something doesn’t mean they will perform well if they aren’t driven to do it!

In recent years, many companies have recognised the need to assess for motivation and it is now common to see motivation questions being included in a competency-based interview or at several different points within a talent assessment process. But is motivation being assessed correctly?

According to a recent article, this may not be the case. Instead companies might actually be assessing for a person’s drive to get a job, looking at things like how well candidates prepare for an interview and mistakenly linking this to motivation to do the job when hired.

To ensure that a candidate can meet the key performance objects of the role, the article proposes a hiring formula for success that seeks to measure motivation to do the job in order for good hiring decisions to be made.

In the proposed hiring formula intrinsic motivation to do the job is seen as a variable dependent on three “Fit Factors”: Job Fit, Managerial Fit and Environmental Fit. Here Job Fit looks at what work a person finds intrinsically motivating, Managerial fit relates to how a person wants to be managed and Environmental Fit looks at whether a person can deal with the culture and pace of the organisation.

By recognising and assessing these factors the article posits that a successful hire is more likely to occur.

Assessing Motivation Can Make or Break Your Next Hire — Here's How to Do It

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Ben Williams

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