The biggest challenge in Unconscious Bias Training?

May 8, 2019

How biased are you towards people who are different to yourself? Think about how biased you are compared to your friends and colleagues.

Done that? Good.

Chances are you've come to the conclusion that you are LESS biased than other people, according to latest research from the University of Hong Kong. This could well be the biggest challenge in persuading people of both the need for unconscious bias training programmes and, on the course itself, persuading delegates that there may be a need for personal change. Regarding the latter, this is where unconscious bias tests, such as Implicitly may have an important role to play.

Good News For Science, Bad News For Humanity – The “Bias Blind Spot” Just Replicated (“Everyone Else Is More Biased Than Me”)

Ben Williams

Assessment knowledge guru and industry thought-leader.